Kanda Poha with Mint Chutney 85
Flattened rice with onions, potatoes & mint chutney.
Apple & Raisin Bircher Muesli 132
Rolled oats mixed with yogurt, apple & raisin.
Fresh Fruit Bowl 160
Seasonal Fruit Bowl.
Masala Omelette Bagel 113
Fried egg with onions,tomatoes,chillies & coriander.
Kejriwal - The Famous Egg s/w 132
Double fried egg with melted cheese,coriander & green chillies.
Fried Egg, Chicken Salami & Cheese Bun 142
Double fried egg with cheese,coriander & a slice of chicken salami.
Eggs to Order (Scrambled or Fried Egg) 142
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