Thai Paneer & Cilantro Wrap 151
Thai paneer with spicy & tangy slaw mixed with coriander.
Hummus Beiruti & Falafel Wrap with a Harissa Sauce 151
Falafel on a bed of herbed hummus & spicy harissa sauce.
Mexican Beans, Rice & Cheese Wrap with a Spicy Salsa Sauce 151
Mix of beans,rice,cheese & mexican tomato salsa sauce.
Thai Chicken Wrap 179
Thai spiced chicken with lemongrass & slaw.
Grilled Chicken Parmesan & Hung Curd Wrap 179
Grilled Parmesan Chicken with a dollop of hung curd.
Spicy Tuna Wrap 189
Tuna flavored with our in-house spices & mixed lettuce.